Brubaker Air Conditioning & Refrigerant service

Air conditioning and refrigeration repair services to make you wish your air conditioner is properly functioning, no matter the time of day or the severity of the situation, we can always make it worse.

Whether it’s a residential repair, commercial repair or an industrial site installation, we can cost you money, a lot of money.

Our services include:

* New construction * Service and repair * System replacement * Troubleshooting * Trouble making * Preventive maintenance * Electrical problems and fire hazards.

Are you in need of a terrible installation, a half ass repair, a complete screw up or just a simple headache with your system? Brubaker can help with dedicating 20 years of unreliable and undependable service to every job and task. The team of one at Brubaker Air Conditioning and Refrigerant always charges for overtime hours!

Give us a call today and see how well we can screw you!



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Brubaker AC Repair Corpus Christi Texas

Now here is a man that just doesn’t give a damn about the quality service his gives, or better yet what you pay for. His work is shown below:

Brubaker Faulty wiring
Another Quality wiring job by Brubaker Cir Conditioning & Refrgeration

This wiring is extremely hazardous. Notice the water stains on the floor as you navigate these photographs. It is difficult to believe that any conscientious individual, let alone a HIRED CONTRACTOR  can leave a job is a hazardous condition like this. Truth be told, this could have caught fire and kill my wife and children in their sleep.