Brubaker AC Repair Corpus Christi Texas

 Wiring that is extremely hazardous. Notice the water stains on the floor as you navigate these photographs. It is difficult to believe that any conscientious individual, let alone a HIRED AC  CONTRACTOR  can leave a job is a hazardous condition like this. This could have caught fire and killed my family in their sleep

Brubaker Faulty wiring
Another Quality wiring job by Brubaker Cir Conditioning & Refrgeration

Now, here is a man that just doesn’t give a damn about the quality service his gives, or what you pay for.


Brubaker Only Wants Your Money

This is a leaking air handler that was incorrectly installed by Brubaker Air Conditioning & Refrigerant in Corpus Christi.

The drip pan filled with water. Brubaker damaged the primary pan during installation. The condensate water could not be drained into the home plumbing system since the primary pan was damaged. This allowed the secondary pan (as the photo shows) to fill up. While the Secondary drain for this pan was not installed and allowed the pan to overflow. The red wires that you see are a float switch This switch was the final safety device that was supposed to turn the unit off in the event the primary and secondary drains failed. This Switch was incorrectly wired and failed to turn the system off.

Another view of the faulty wiring that posed a danger to my wife, children and home.

leaking AC installation damaged home
Brubaker Air Conditioning Service
Over Flowing Drip pan
This Photo Shows the Drip pan over Flowing
Water Damaged Ceiling
The Damage Caused By The Leaking Air Handler

Several attempts have been made to contact Richard Brubaker in the hopes he would return to rectify these issues. He stopped returning phone calls and text messages. He got his money and that was all he ever cared about.

A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau and he never bothered to respond. The complaint cant be seen here. In fact, Richard went as far as changing his company name to Air Maintenance and Refrigeration Repair of Corpus Christi, Just to evade all of the bad internet reviews.

Brubaker Takes No Pride In His Work

This is a disconnected drain line that was supposed to allow water that escaped from the Air Handler to be safely moved outside of the home. Since this was not connected, water filled the secondary pan and overflowed. This caused damage to the drywall, ceiling, insulation. Water also came into contact with exposed electrical components that were improperly secured during  the initial installation.

It is beyond clear that Brubaker Air Conditioning & Refrigeration was in over his head with this simple AC Unit Installation job.


Drip Pan Drain line
Drip Pan Drain Line Not Installed. This allowed damage to occur and water to come in contact with electrical components.
Over Flowing Drip pan
This Photo Shows the Drip pan over Flowing
Water Damaged Ceiling
The Damage Caused By The Leaking Air Handler

Brubaker Cares Only About Getting Paid

Here we see a total lack of professionalism and caring. This is the supply on the air handler in the attic. There are large holes that allow the cool air coming from the unit escape into the attic and never make in into the living area of the home. Notice the “spare parts” left in the pan. he never bothered to removed the screws he dropped and never installed.

Brubaker holes in the supply duct
Brubaker damaged the duct work and left holes in the supply. At times the air going into the AC was 79 degees, Air coming out was 75 degrees because the duct work leaked so bad.


Don’t Let Brubaker Jeopardize Your lifelong Investment!

This duct work was blowing more cooled air from the air handler into the attic instead of into the home. This is like driving your car  on a hot August day in South Texas with the Air Conditioner on and all the windows rolled down. Take notice of the spare parts left in the drip pan.

Torn Supply Duct Work
Improper Air Handler Installation

Only Use Trusted Trained Professionals To Work In Your Home

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, never settle for anything less than a contractor who is licensed, insured and bonded.

Always try to look for a company that has been around with a reputation to maintain.

There are plenty of good companies to choose from in the Corpus Christi Area. However, Brubaker AC and Refrigeration of Corpus Christi isn’t one of them.

House Fire
Don’t Be a Victim Of Dick!


Sometimes It Isn’t Worth it!


Brubaker AC can make you lose everything
One Person’s Lack of Diligence Can Cost A Family Everything!