Brubaker Only Wants Your Money

This is a leaking air handler that was incorrectly installed by Brubaker Air Conditioning & Refrigerant in Corpus Christi.

The drip pan filled with water. Brubaker damaged the primary pan during installation. The condensate water could not be drained into the home plumbing system since the primary pan was damaged. This allowed the secondary pan (as the photo shows) to fill up. While the Secondary drain for this pan was not installed and allowed the pan to overflow. The red wires that you see are a float switch This switch was the final safety device that was supposed to turn the unit off in the event the primary and secondary drains failed. This Switch was incorrectly wired and failed to turn the system off.

Another view of the faulty wiring that posed a danger to my wife, children and home.

leaking AC installation damaged home
Brubaker Air Conditioning Service
Over Flowing Drip pan
This Photo Shows the Drip pan over Flowing
Water Damaged Ceiling
The Damage Caused By The Leaking Air Handler

Several attempts have been made to contact Richard Brubaker in the hopes he would return to rectify these issues. He stopped returning phone calls and text messages. He got his money and that was all he ever cared about.

A complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau and he never bothered to respond. The complaint cant be seen here. In fact, Richard went as far as changing his company name to Air Maintenance and Refrigeration Repair of Corpus Christi, Just to evade all of the bad internet reviews.

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